Boulevard de la Croisette

The gem of the city, the Boulevard de la Croisette, connects the city and the beach and is one of the main tourist attractions in Cannes.

Over 1.86 miles long, la Croisette offers visitors a tour of the legendary hotels, casinos, luxury boutiques, amazing beaches and the Canto port.

Lérins Islands

Across from the bay of Cannes are the Lérins Islands, a Mediterranean archipelago.

With their abundant vegetation and unique wildlife, these islands offer a bucolic environment for resting and discovering the richness of this preserved nature.

Suquet Quarter

Suquet hill is home to Cannes old town, a picturesque quarter where the city originated. There, you can wander through the small streets and climb up their winding stairs.

Also, from here you will have the opportunity to see the rampart and the square tower, as well as to visit the Musée de la Castre. At the foot of the hill is the Old Port of the city, the oldest part, which dates back to 1838.



Cannes Dance Festival

Cannes Dance Festival

From 27th November to 12th December

28 Dance companies will be present at this Festival with their best choreographers. Plus, with the workshops of this edition, everyone will be able to learn how to dance.

International Festival of board games

International Festival of board games

25th, 26th and 27th February

With this festival aims to contribute to the promotion of the Game of board: traditional, modern, video games, construction games, cards,... We can see the latest products and even organize tournaments.


The largest metro area in the Midi area is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Estaque mountain range.​

Aix-en-Provence is the ancient capital of the historic region of Provence, and it’s a city notorious for the charm of its old town streets and characteristic lifestyle.​​