The Fortified Citadel

Located on the banks of the Aude river, the medieval citadel is a fortified town, unique in Europe both for its size and its state of preservation.

With 52 towers and 1.86 miles of walls, the citadel is home to an ancient theatre, the count's castle and the Basilica of Saint-Nazaire.

Canal du Midi

The work of Pierre Paul Riquet, the Canal du Midi was built during the 17th century with the purpose of connecting the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

This waterway was used for transporting freight and passengers. Nowadays, the Canal is visited by many tourists and recreational boats. With nearly 150 miles of waterway, the banks of this canal are a great place to visit.

Bastide de Saint Louis

Located in the lowest part of the city, between the Canal du Midi and the Medieval Citadel, the Bastide was built in 1260 during the reign of King Saint-Louis. It is the lesser-known area of the city.

This part offers great architectural richness, with the Gothic cathedral of Saint-Michel and its private hotels. The Bastide is organised around its central square, using a grid structure.



Museum of the Inquisition

Museum of the Inquisition

All year

To be a small museum, it surprises the visitor for the quantity of parts and instruments of the time of the Inquisition, which were used until the revolution.


Toulouse is located where the river Garonne meets the Canal Du Midi, and its many red brick buildings give it a nickname as the Pink City.​​

Located halfway between the sea and the mountains, Perpignan benefits from its proximity to the Mediterranean coast and the imposing Canigou mountain range.​​