Montpellier is the place to discover a booming city. Also, it is close to some of the most famous world heritage monuments and sites. With projects designed by the best contemporary architects, Montpellier is a unique model in Europe in terms of its avant-garde land planning, as reflected in the districts of Antigone, Port Marianne, and Odysseum. This city also has a rich historic heritage, with its medieval streets, the Arc de Triomphe and the Place de la Comédie.  


Comédie square

A can't-miss in Montpellier, the Place de la Comédie offers a pleasant atmosphere with its numerous taverns and restaurants with sunny terraces.

Around this square, the historic center of the city is located, with its medieval streets brimming with artists, the place to do some shopping in local stores or prestigious boutiques.

The triumphal Arch

Built in 1692, Montpellier's Arc du Triomphe draws inspiration from the entrance gates to the ancient city of Paris.

Painted ochre and yellow, this monument was built where a gate crossing the old walls used to stand, and is crowned by a royal blue coat of arms. The top of the building offers an incredible view of Montpellier and its surroundings.

Fabre Museum

With over 800 major pieces, the Musée Fabre has one of the most relevant fine arts collections in France and Europe.

Through its modern and contemporary collections, the recently refurbished Fabre museum takes the visitor through the history and world of Beaux Arts. The museum is located at the Hotel Massillian.


Bruno Mars Concert

Bruno Mars Concert

On 8th April 2017

Bruno Mars comes to Montpellier to present his new tour "The 24k Magic Wolrd Tour", the singer's first world tour since the gigantic "Moonshine Jungle".



From 24th to 28th May 2017

FISE, the International Festival of Extreme Sports,this free event is the largest urban culture gathering in Europe, taking place each year in Montpellier with professionals and amateurs for the entire family!


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