The Castellet

Perpignan's landmark, Le Castellet is the ancient main gate along the city walls, built in 1368 by master builder Guillem Guitard.

Today, this building houses the Catalan Museum of Popular Art and Traditions.

Palais des Rois de Majorque

Located in the heart of the city, this majestic Gothic palace is one of the most important monuments in the region of Roussillon.

Home to the Kings of Majorca, it houses both a lower and upper chapel inside its tower and three charming inner courtyards. Discover its wise combination of Romanesque and Gothic style.

Saint John the Baptist Cathedral

Drawing from the southern French Gothic style, construction of the Cathedral Basilica of Saint John the Baptist of Perpignan began in 1324, originally envisioned as a three-nave church.

The church later became a cathedral in 1601, consisting of a single nave of great breadth, several vaults in Gothic style and Neo-Gothic stained glass. A key religious temple in the history of Perpignan.



The thursday of Perpignan

The thursday of Perpignan

From 11th July to 22nd August

The thursdays in Perpignan have inflamed the heart of the city like a real street festival where musical scenes, theater on the pavement, circus arts, parades and bands are mixed ...

International Festival of Photojournalism

International Festival of Photojournalism

From the 31st August to the 15th September 2019

World’s most important festival of photojournalism. An exceptional event for photography lovers and an opportunity to visit the exhibits located throughout the city. Come and discover captivating stories, made by photojournalists worldwide.



Found at the heart of a natural park, the city of Narbonne is in a pleasant geographical location, surrounded by a magnificent natu​ral environment with vineyards, and near the coast.​​

​On the banks of the Aude River, Carcassonne captivates with its two sites designated as World Heritage by UNESCO.​​​​




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