The country of the Cathars

Getting lost in its streets and small squares is a real dream. Live your fantasy of being an honest and heroic medieval gentleman while following the path of the Cathars, a simply fascinating itinerary.

Begin to conquer the castles of the Cathar country. Discover the mysteries of this land in the past and its heady beauty. And don’t miss the Cathar jewel: the medieval city of Carcassonne, a unique fortification throughout Europe.

Marseille and its Calanques

It’s a wonderful opportunity to visit this port destination, which offers you endless things to see and do. It’s one of the most emblematic cities in France, and you can reach it directly with our trains.

We suggest that you discover this destination through its natural creeks, where you can enjoy a relaxed swim in a unique setting or go for a walk to admire the unique landscape.

Hiking in the South of France

The South of France hides unimaginable spots of a natural beauty. From the Mediterranean to the Pyrenees, through the Luberon Natural Park, you will find many places where you can stretch your legs, breathe fresh air and be surrounded by wonderful views.

You can also discover the exceptional fauna and flora of these natural reserves.




Pézenas: City of Molière

Pézenas: City of Molière

All year

This city is between Agde and Sète. We recommend taking a walk through the old town. Molière's Festival is celebrated in June, and their carnivals are also very important.

Saint Louis

Saint Louis

From 20th to 25th August

It is a question of a tradition well taken root between the peoples of Sète. Everything begins with the procession of the participants, accompanied for musical local then to be raised in his crafts and to enjoy the exciting tilt.


Located halfway between the sea and the mountains, Perpignan benefits from its proximity to the Mediterranean coast and the imposing Canigou mountain range. ​

Found at the heart of a natural park and near the coast, the city of Narbonne is in a pleasant geographical location, surrounded by a magnificent natural environment with vineyards.​

Carcassonne is located on the banks of the Aude River, and its two UNESCO World Heritage sites are captivating.​

Toulouse is located where the river Garonne meets the Canal Du Midi, and its many red brick buildings give it a nickname as the Pink City.​

Bordered by vineyards and beaches, Béziers is a privileged place with a great geographical location and a pleasant Mediterranean climate.

In Montpellier, you can discover a booming city. Also, it is close to some of the most famous world heritage monuments and sites.​

Agde is a great option for holidays with your family or friends thanks to all the activities and museums it provides.

The largest metro area in the Midi area is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Estaque mountain range. The remains of the ancient Masilia can be discovered amid extraordinary sea landscapes, from the old port to the coves and the historic city centre.​