Strasbourg Cathedral

The cathedral is a masterpiece of Gothic art that can be found in the historic quarter of the city. It took four centuries for the construction to be completed, between 1015 and 1439.

Its unique tower, 466 feet in height, was at that time the tallest monument in the Christian world. It features a façade decorated with a considerable number of sculptures, an impressive organ and a high nave.

La Petite-France Quarter

The traditional and original houses in the region make La Petite France the most picturesque quarter in the Old Town of Strasbourg. It is located on an “island.”

Today, it offers a genuine portrait of Rhenish Renaissance. The tanners’ houses with their steep ceilings and the Haderer House dating back from the 16th and 17th centuries are worth a visit.

Kammerzell's house

Northeast of the cathedral square is Maison Kammerzell (Kammerzell House), a city gem.

This traditional house was built in the 15th century and is the most emblematic in town due to its original layout: the first floor is made of stone, while the upper three are made of wood. Today, it houses the tourist office and a restaurant.



MMPark : Collection dedicated to the 2nd World War

MMPark : Collection dedicated to the 2nd World War

All year

Exhibition in which we can see armoured vehicles, trucks, light vehicles and motorcycles, personal belongings, an airplane to a German speedboat. Just 12km from Strasbourg is a must if we are passionate about history.

Alsatian Museum

Alsatian Museum

All year

The museum gathers the traditions of the Alsace. You can see a set of objects from the rural life in the region between the 18th and 19th centuries, including clothing, furniture, ceramics, and toys.


On the banks of the Seine, the majesty of Paris is unveiled. The magic of its emblematic and historic sites will immerse you in the capital’s history as you enjoy all the charm and romanticism the city has to offer.​​




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