Maison de Têtes

Built at the beginning of the sixteenth century by Antoine De Dorne, this old building features a façade decorated with a large number of sculpted heads.

This Renaissance building houses the municipal department known as “Valence, City of Art and History.” Other houses of heads can be found in France, for instance in Colmar and Béziers.

Kiosk Peynet

Listed as French Historic Monument since 1982, this bandstand is the symbol of the city of Valence. It was designed by an architect named Poitoux in 1890 and is located on the Champ de Mars esplanade, facing Jouvet Park.

It gets its name from Peynet's drawings depicting two lovers listening to the music coming from the bandstand. Today, a golden heart placed under the dome commemorates this event.

Cathedral of Saint-Apollinaire

The Romanesque cathedral is the oldest building in the city, dating back to the late eleventh century.

It is found in the historic city centre, at the top of the city.



Valence triathlon

Valence triathlon

The 1st and 2nd July

Valence Triathlon, welcomes the elite of the French and world triathlon at Lac d'Aiguille for a stage of the Grand Prix 1st Triathlon Division.

Cities and countries of art and history

Cities and countries of art and history

17th august

Circuit in the old center of Valencia on the theme of the remarkable buildings of the Renaissance. The house des Têtes, the house Dupré-Latour and the Pendentif constitute a homogeneous ensemble of architecture and sculptures from the 16th century.


Located at the confluence of two rivers, Rhone and Saône, Lyon was designated World Heritage site by UNESCO. ​

Between the Alpes and Lake Geneva is the city of Geneva, home to many international organizations.​

On the banks of the Seine, the majesty of the city of Paris is unveiled. The magic of its emblematic and historic sites will carry you to the most remote times of the capital, with all the charm and romanticism that the city oozes. ​​