Located on the banks of Ebro River, the streets of the capital of Aragon preserve a rich monumental legacy left behind by Romans, Muslims, Jews and Christians.  We suggest strolling around the older quarters and enjoying some of the main gems in town such as the Pilar Basilica, la Seo and the Aljafería Palace.  ​


The Pilar Basilica

Masterpiece of Baroque art. Built in the seventeenths and eighteenth centuries, the basilica houses several pieces of great value from different periods, including the frescoes painted by Goya.

Most notable is the day when flowers are offered to honor the Virgin on October 12th, during the Pilar celebrations. Thousands of people from all over the country gather to attend this festivity.

Aljafería Palace

Built in the second half of the eleventh century at the behest of Al-Muqtadir, the fortified palace is one of the most relevant examples of the Spanish-Muslim architecture of the time.

The plafonds, coffered ceilings, and decorative plasterwork characteristic of this unique monument, captivate visitors. Today, this historic building houses the Regional Parliament of Aragon.

Zaragoza Expo

Subsequent to the 2008 International Exhibition “Water and Sustainable Development,” Zaragoza underwent a major transformation, leaving behind a valuable legacy of new and modern buildings.



Easter week in Zaragoza

Easter week in Zaragoza

From Apr 9, 2017 to Apr 16, 2017

Easter week is one of the most heartfelt and deep-rooted fiestas celebrated in Spain. The thundering sound of drums during the processions is particularly impressive. The crowning moment of Easter week in Zaragoza is on Good Friday.

Origami Museum School

Origami Museum School

From 1st January to 31th December 2017

Discover this unique museum of origami in Europe, go in the rooms and participate in its interesting workshops.


The capital of Catalonia boasts a great amount of architectural treasures and a rich historic heritage. ​

The country's capital and financial centre, Madrid combines modern infrastructures such as the “Puerta de Europa” (Gate of Europe Towers),  and a rich cultural, artistic and architectural heritage like its famous historic quarter or the “Madrid de los Austrias” (Habsburg Madrid). ​​